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◂  February 2019

AHCA PDPM Academy Workshop (HCANJ center members only)

Published by: John Tonge


Forsgate Country Club
375 Forsgate Drive
Monroe Township, NJ 08831


Michelle Palko

This is a center member only event: In order to be eligible for the reduced registration fees, all center registrants must be received on the same registration form and all attendees must be employees from that nursing enter. Corporate offices should register separately from their communities. You may not combine employees from multiple centers on one center registration form.

The new Patient-Driven Payment Model known as PDPM takes effect on October 1, 2019. ARE YOU READY?

HCANJ, in collaboration with the American Health Care Association (AHCA), is pleased to offer our members access to AHCA’s PDPM Academy – 10 months of comprehensive training in preparation for this sweeping change.

Kicking off this effort is the AHCA PDPM Academy Workshop. Center members of HCANJ who register for the PDPM Academy will have access to:

  • PDPM 101 Workshop webinar (viewed prior to in-person training)
  • This one-day, in-person training workshop
  • Monthly workshop webinars on key topics & emerging PDPM issues
  • “How-to” webinars on implementing additional tools developed by AHCA

At this workshop, you will go in-depth with hands-on experiential learning by:

  • aligning buildings and companies to transition to PDPM using AHCA’s PDPM Readiness Tools© and the related core competencies;
  • classifying residents in case mix groups;
  • assessing market position in a PDPM environment; and,
  • using organizational, business, and management tools to reconfigure business planning.

Center-contracted services are not eligible to attend this AHCA/NCAL training event.

There is seven-employee registration limit per building.

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