Natural disasters across the state of New Jersey continue to substantiate that the ability to communicate and provide situational awareness with each HCANJ member facility during emergency events is critical. HCANJ is committed to providing comprehensive emergency communications with each of our member facilities.

Our goal is to provide each of our members with the ability to receive more timely information regarding emergencies that might impact their facilities, staff, residents, and visitors, including weather, public health, or safety-related announcements. In the majority of cases, the information you receive will merely be one-directional and will require no response, however, there may be instances whereby recipients will be requested to provide information back to HCANJ’s Director of Emergency Management so that we can provide appropriate assistance to our emergency management partners.

Our emergency communication system is intended for just that –  emergency use only – and as such, it is vital that our database be maintained with the most up-to-date information. HCANJ maintains an emergency notification account for your facility with Amerilert. This service will provide your facility with the ability to receive instant emergency alerts via several different modalities including mobile phone (via SMS text or voice message), landline (via voice message), and email accounts.

HCANJ facilities can participate in the emergency notification program at no charge.  Please CLICK HERE to establish, update, and/or validate your Amerilert account.